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At Teacher Access we understand that the key to our service is directly attributable to the professionalism and dedication of our team. With 20 years of education expertise, we are dedicated to providing personal, first class assistance to both teachers and schools.


  • Ms Pooja Ae

    "Pooja is an idealist who believes in miracles”. She has an unmatched ability of finding data on the web. If she isn’t coolly organising our Labyrinth of excel sheets she is living life to the fullest. Singing, dancing and photography are her great loves.

  • Dr Lyndon Butcher

    "A self-proclaimed coffee and beer connoisseur Lyndon has a listening ear for everyone”. He has a plethora of knowledge of tools and a passion for renovation and refurbishment. He relishes the challenge that resides in untapped human potential.

  • Dr Sharon Cooper

    "We love it when Sharon from Taylor-made Teacher Development drops by and shares her expertise”. An experiential junkie Sharon has a large hinterland of hobbies. She often drives her 1968 Mini Cooper S and has self-confessed to being a rev head.

  • Dr Natasha Kett

    “Natasha is forever the optimist with a wry humour and big heart”. Born in Sydney (don’t let the pale skin fool you) she enjoys travelling, hiking and watching sunsets. She’s a passionate advocate for teachers who fancies the Rolling Stones & Manics.

  • Mr Munaf Shaikh

    “Munaf is a graphic designer who has a flair for innovation and panache”. He loves big waves, tall mountains and a good cup of coffee. Munaf is passionate about outdoor sports. With cricket we feel it’s more frantic than that. Obsession, perhaps.

  • Others behind the Scenes We’ve been working closely with some uniquely talented people from Tasks Everyday & Milestone Belanova to bring Teacher Access to life. But enough about us - let's talk about you. Whether you take a class or manage a school, you need a people focused service that takes care of the complicated stuff so you can do what you love...teach!
Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Serving Those Who Serve

Teacher Access is a business that believes passionately about supporting teachers. Teachers have the capacity to transform students' lives and to inspire and nurture their development as individuals, learners and citizens. Teachers have the potential to make a significant improvement in the quality of a student's life, both within and beyond the confines of the school.

Governments and inquiries are calling for Australia to aspire to have a schooling system that is among the best in the world for its quality and equity. We believe to have the best schools; we must have the best teachers. Teacher Access makes every effort to work alongside governments, school leaders and educational businesses to help create and sustain a work environment where teachers want to be.

Analogies between quality teaching and student achievement are prevalent, but with a reductive, almost non-teacher centred perspective that reduces the importance of both teacher well-being and satisfaction. We recognize the vital role teachers' play.

Teacher Access values your capabilities, understands your challenges and will assist you to reach your true career potential. Our goals are to provide:

  • a strong commitment to teacher mentoring and support
  • professional development and teaching resources to maintain long term success.
  • aspiring teachers a marketplace of potential K-12 career opportunities.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

We identify relief teachers as important contributors to schools as they facilitate learning in the absence of a classroom teacher. As more teachers take up relief teaching in the future, Teacher Access strives to address the needs and concerns of relief teachers. Together with our members we hope to improve the status and procedures of relief teaching.

Teacher Access has a keen interest in educational philanthropy both locally and overseas i.e. the planned and structured giving of money, actions and resources designed to improve schooling experiences and outcomes. We hope to create community partnerships with schools to support educational disadvantage and to promote the achievements of teachers and students.

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